Why should you choose Prepare?

There are as many different ways to teach as there are teachers. But all successful educators use their own personal strengths to build an effective instructional style. When teachers really know their stuff and are secure in their own approach, they forge a connection with their students that allows them to relax and to trust them.

I come from a strong academic background, but I am also a performer. (See All about Prepare.) While most competent SAT prep teachers prefer to tutor one-on-one–and charge handsomely for doing so–my own personality is better suited to teaching in a classroom.

My own approach is to be exhaustive in my coverage of all SAT related-material and to demand that my students be on-time, do their homework, and follow my advice. However, I also like to have fun and break up the work with discussions about movies, music, video games, music, current events, etc. Most students enjoy these side trips and, believe it or not (please see my Testimonials page), actually look forward to attending my classes. Go figure!