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As crummy as this shutdown has been, this is a perfect time to prepare for the SAT and ACT. Given the unreliability of last spring’s school grades and AP scores–and the lack of athletics and other extra-curriculars–solid SAT and ACT scores will be more helpful than ever for this year’s seniors.

I am teaching in-person morning classes this summer but, due to social distancing, seating is extremely limited. I am also teaching evening classes online, and offering a $100 discount for my online students.

I know that kids may not be too jazzed about adding another online class to their workload. But, from talking to many of my students and their parents, it sounds like the problem has more to do with the medium than the message: schools simply weren’t set up to transition to online classes. This isn’t their fault; who could have foreseen this situation? Luckily, I don’t have to deal with the bureaucratic red tape that normal teachers do. I have had no problem teaching my spring and early summer classes online. Yes, I miss the personal contact with the kids but, if anything, my class has been more efficient over the past month. My students have had many hours of quality classroom time online with me–no goofing off or chatting with friends–and are strongly encouraged to send their homework to me before class for detailed feedback and revision. So, if the online option works best for you, please don’t hesitate to enroll.

Comprehensive SAT & ACT Test Prep

PREPARE is dedicated to preparing students for the SAT and ACT, a crucial part of the college admissions process.

Enrolling in a PREPARE course may be the best investment you ever make. If you commit yourself to our intensive SAT and ACT prep classes, you will dramatically increase your test scores and significantly improve your chances of getting admitted to the college of your choice and receiving thousands, even tens of thousands, of dollars per year in merit aid.

PREPARE is the best value on the test prep market. We offer more instructional hours at a far lower cost per hour than any of our competitors. Since 2004, Prepare has helped over 6,000 students from more than 80 high schools substantially improve their ACT and SAT scores.


Steve Kurtz

Prior to Peter Schmidt’s SAT prep course, my daughter’™s practice score was 1820. After taking his course and dedicating substantial time, she scored a 2310 on her first attempt. This dramatic change is atypical, but her performance proves that it is possible. I believe that the two essential components are: 1). Peter Schmidt’s course, and 2). Substantial student effort during and after the course. She could not have achieved her score without both of these. I highly recommend that students take this course as early as possible so that his methods can be practiced as much as possible.

Without any consideration for price, this course is the best SAT preparation anywhere because Peter Schmidt is the ONLY teacher and he is an exceptional one. Furthermore, the price of the course is a bargain. If you live within 50 miles of the Lehigh Valley, this is the only course to consider.”

Steve Kurtz,
father of Caroline Kurtz, Notre Dame HS

Anne Englesson

I have told many people about you and Prepare. Our son, George, did very well with your course and really enjoyed it. That says ALOT when you think that it was on top of regular studies and at times tough to fit in with his sports. We think it was well worth it and so does he. His scores on his final SAT’s were very good (great improvement) and gave him a lot of confidence to apply to the school that he was interested in attending. The high school program just doesn’t help the student develop skills necessary to test-take correctly. I remember talking to you prior to signing George up and telling you that he had difficulty in test taking. You put our concerns to rest by telling me that you developed a way to teach the student HOW to study for the SAT’™s. It does work. Can’™t say enough about the wonderful tools you teach the students. You give them tools that take them far beyond high school years. Thanks again for all your help.

Anne Englesson,
mother of George Engleson, Southern Lehigh HS (Drexel)

Jill Redfern

œPeter will teach your child how to deliver on his/her potential. He is outstanding at what he does. Peter, I am putting you on my list of “œpeople who actually deliver what they say they will” in life list. It’s a remarkably short list 🙂

Jill Redfern,
mother of Cole Redfern, Moravian Academy

Tyler Albanese

I want to thank you very much for all you’ve done for my scores. My SAT score is nearly 200 points higher than the PSAT I took last year! I must attribute this increase to your class and teaching. Not only was I prepared with the help of your tips and instruction on various sections of the test, but also the hard work that was necessary on my part to make the most out of the class. Come test day, I was not overwhelmed by what I came across on the test and found test-taking a smooth and relaxing process. I’m very blessed to have been a part of your class!

Tyler Albanese,
Central Catholic HS (Lafayette)
What do I think about the College Admissions scandal? (Part II)
What do I think about the College Admissions scandal? (Part II)

it’s human nature to want to help our children, to try to clear away as many rainclouds as we can… even if we don’t care that we are screwing over other parents’ kids and, perhaps, even harming our own by knocking down walls for them.