What Our Students and their Parents say about Prepare

Christine Figler

My son Michael is finishing his Master’s and heading off to UT Law School in the fall. The SAT prep course taught by Peter Schmidt was one of the best investments we ever made in helping to lay the groundwork for his education. His score went from good to great. Thank you.

Christine Figler
mother of Michael Figler, Southern Lehigh HS

Kelly Freed, mother of Sean and Ceci Freed

My daughter and son took Peter Schmidt’s SAT prep class. They both did very well on the SAT. Peter Schmidt’s course helping them achieve their goals of getting great SAT scores and getting accepted to top colleges. The course is well worth the money and time.

Saucon Valley HS
Kelly Freed
mother of Sean Freed, Saucon Valley HS, and Ceci Freed, LVCHSA

Brenna Magliochetti

My child’s score improved greatly, thanks to this prep program. Worth every penny.

Melissa Maglichetti, mother of Brenna Magliochetti
Saucon Valley HS, Columbia

Matt Arcioulo

Peter has a wonderful teaching style that is entertaining and motivating. My son gained the confidence he needed to score well enough to get into an Ivy League college. I highly recommend his program and am thankful to Peter for taking time to review my son’s practice tests and encouraging my son to do his best while making the class fun!

Saucon Valley HS
Pam Ariculo, mother of Matt Arcioulo.
Saucon Valley HS, Columbia

Haley Faust

A special course for those who struggle to find any sort of enjoyment with SAT prep (most of us). Peter Schmidt isn’t just a wildly intelligent professor but also a talented professional actor. Classes were more than tolerable, math was approachable (I avoid math regularly) and learning was possible. His unmatched tips and tricks made me faster and more accurate. Thankful is an understatement!

Haley Faust
Central Catholic HS, Villanova

Stefania Schoen

My daughter went up from a high score to a very, very high score, and was accepted Early Decision to her very top choice school after taking this course. She loved the class and found it very engaging — the structure and approach gave her the focus she needed to practice until she reached and exceeded her target score!

Beth Zimmermam, mother of Stefania Schoen
Emmaus HS, Wesleyan

Kevin Vrablik

My son found Mr. Schmidt’s techniques non-traditional, but in a very good way. He interjected humor, real-life stories, and shared experiences to engage his students and maintain their attention to maximize learning. He taught test taking strategies and tips, time management skills and stress reduction techniques. In the end, my son’s score significantly improved, and he ultimately received an appointment to West Point’s Class of 2022, achieving his childhood dream.

Kevin Vrablik, father of Kevin Vrablik, Jr.
Parkland HS, West Point

Jessica Zhang

I was a student of Mr. Schmidt studying for the 2019 August SAT test. I got a 1550 on the SAT, and Mr. Schmidt’s tips and guides were especially useful in getting me there. Both of my scores have improved greatly since the first SAT practice test I took, and I attribute these improvements partly to his methods. Mr. Schmidt knows what he’s doing, and if a student is willing to work to get a better score, they’ll get it with his help.

Liberty HS
Jessica Zhang
Parkland HS

Anam Ali

Before this class, I struggled greatly with the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections of the SAT. I took Mr. Schmidt’s class in summer 2019 and found that the class was both informative and entertaining. In this class I learned strategies that greatly improved my EWR score on the SAT, and through these strategies I was able to score much better than I expected on both the SAT and ACT.

Anam Ali
Parkland HS

Neha Haque

I took Mr Schmidt’s SAT prepare class last August. Just in one week of being in this class my score had improved almost 200 points! By the end of the session, I had a total increase of 350 points all because of this prepare class! Mr Schmidt always engaged the students in the class, he genuinely cared about each one of us improving. This definitely is a good investment, and I would recommend this class to anyone wanting to improve there SAT/ACT scores.

Neha Haque
Parkland HS

Hugh Salva

I encourage all my children to take Mr. Schmidt’s SAT prep class. I think it is a great way to get my children focused and exposed to SAT test taking. I like the intensity of the class and consider it money well spent. With the help of PREPARE test preparation my first 4 children scored well on the SAT and attended, UC Berkeley, Villanova, USC, and Penn State(Nursing).

Hugh Salva
father of four Palisades students who studied with PREPARE

Kathy Yuan

I’ve never been a great test taker, and taking the SATs is definitely one of the most daunting tests out there. By taking Mr. Schmidt’s class, I was able to hone in on areas that I found particularly challenging, especially through the use of his handy tricks. I can honestly say that his class allowed me to improve upon my original score and gave me the opportunity to succeed (and to attend a great ivy league university!). If you want to up your game, I encourage taking a class with Mr. Schmidt!

Kathy Yuan
Parkland HS (Barnard)

Suhas Yalamarti

Peter Schmidt‘s class not only helped me become a better test taker (I improved 190 points from my PSAT score), his tips and tricks are applicable to school as well. Mr. Schmidt always took the time to get everyone in class involved and did not hesitate to get to know his students on a personal level rather than just labeling them with their current abilities. This class will definitely gives you unparalleled knowledge for a very cost-effective price.

Suhas Yalamarti
Northampton HS

Kate Duffy

Both of my older children attended PREPARE for SAT and ACT prep and found both the class and Peter “super helpful.” My oldest currently uses the test taking strategies he was taught in his college classes and in preparation for the LSATs. Both kids had over a 100 point increase in their SAT scores and my son credits his 35 on the ACTs to Peter’s class. I would recommend this course to anyone who is struggling with their preparation or wants to improve their reading and writing. While Peter is knowledgeable at all subjects he is especially talented at improving those areas!


Saucon Valley HS
Kate Duffy
mother of Sean and Sarah Duffy, Saucon Valley HS (Muhlenberg College)

Cassie Conrad

The quick and easy mathematical tips that Peter taught our daughter in her PREPARE Test Prep increased her SAT math score by 80 points! These tips have already carried into her high school math classes, making her a better student.

Cassie Conrad
mother of Lindsay Conrad, Brandywine Heights HS

Laura Michaelis

We have used PREPARE over the last 10 years! I have 4 children, all different learning styles. Peter is engaging and explains the material in a systematic way that really connects with each student. We have seen great results between PSAT’s and our final SAT/ACT scores. I also appreciate PREPARE’s professionalism and convenient locations.

Laura Michaelis
mother of three Moravian Academy students

Caroline Madigan

Immediately after taking the Prepare course for SAT prep, my confidence toward my upcoming SAT skyrocketed. Along with test taking strategies, the class also helped me expand my vocabulary and strengthen my writing techniques. My score went up over three hundred points thanks to the Prepare curriculum. Mr. Schmidt uses his eclectic style to link his methods to your memory. In fact, I even use his vocabulary technique for regular vocabulary tests in school. In essence, the class is a one-of-a-kind experience that will raise your SAT score while making you smile along the way.

Caroline Madigan
Saucon Valley HS (Carnegie Mellon)

Ian Tauber

We sent all three of our kids to Peter Schmidt’s Prepare Test Preparation for help with SAT test preparation. All three did very well and saw their scores rise after working with him. He has years of experience, he knows the test, and he understands how to help his students improve their performance. Peter communicates well, he sets clear expectations, and he holds his students accountable. We were very pleased with our experience and would recommend Prepare Test Preparation to anyone who is looking for this type of service.

Ian Tauber
father of three students from Parkland HS

Jake Holland

Mr. Schmidt’s class has definitely helped me reach my full potential and allowed me to broaden my horizons during the college search process. My score went up over two hundred points the first time I took the SAT outside of his class, and I believe that this increase is truly a testament to the potency of his class. He teaches the material in a way that is not only memorable, but interesting and fun as well. This conglomeration of passion and hard work allows students of all types to prosper when the time comes to take the ACT or SAT. Through and through, Mr. Schmidt’s class is definitely worth it!

Jake Holland
Saucon Valley HS (Northwestern U.)

Justine Wang

I had gotten a decent SAT score on a practice test before I took Mr. Schmidt’s class. After taking his prep class, I earned an outstanding SAT score and became a National Merit finalist. Mr. Schmidt’s tips on test-taking strategy, especially for the Reading section, were essential in improving my pace and time management. In addition, he made each class memorable, interesting, and engaging for the students. The help that I got from Mr. Schmidt gave me the confidence and the score I needed for my college applications!

Justine Wang
Emmaus HS (Pitt)

Sneha Neogi

Graduated from Parkland High School in 2016, and am currently a student at Fordham U. Enjoyed this SAT class a lot! Peter is funny and interactive which helps the class go by faster. Lots of tricks and tips which normal study books don’t teach you! This class will provide you with confidence and a lot of feedback to help you improve.

Sneha Neogi
Parkland HS (Fordham)

Meredith Margolis

I’m convinced that Prepare helped Michael’s SAT scores improve enough to be considered (and admitted!) to more competitive universities. Peter and his fellow teachers were obviously entertaining enough to keep a relatively unenthusiastic participant from complaining about a three-hour class after school!

Moravian Academy
Meredith Margolis
mother of Michael Margolis, Moravian Academy (Hofstra)

Adrienne Hibshman

Mr. Schmidt was one of the biggest factors that my children did well on their SATs! His direct teaching approach was easy to understand and the instructor made sure to give numerous handouts and activities to prepare them for success. He also offered refresher courses. Both of my kids SAT scores went up well over 100 points and I would recommend Mr Schmidt’™s class to anyone who takes the SAT and ACT seriously and wants their children to be fully prepared for it.

Adrienne HIbschman
mother of two Notre Dame HS students (Syracuse and Cornell)

Sara Hunsicker

I absolutely loved Peter Schmidt’s class. His teaching style is entertaining and dynamic. Instead of simply lecturing us students, Mr. Schmidt engaged my class in active discussions and debates, which kept the class enthused and interested. Even after a long day of school, I often looked forward to the review course, being that it was both an educational and fun experience. I learned so much about the SAT test in just 12 classes. The practice tests that he gave us were incredibly helpful, and I saw improvement in my score each time. I was able to increase my SAT score from a 1640 to 1920 through Mr. Schmidt’s class, an improvement of 280 points. If it were not for his enthusiasm for teaching and knowledge about the test, I could not have received this score. This review course is definitely worth the money.

Northern Lehigh HS
Sara Hunsicker
Northern Lehigh HS (Belmont U.)

Heba Saloom

I took this course and my score went up 160 points and now I am in Desales in their premed program. Loved it and my sister is now taking it.

Heba Salloum
Dieruff HS (DeSales)

John Lentz

My son had taken the SAT twice and had, what I considered to be, relatively high scores. His math and reading scores were close to a number which I which I felt might be a threshold value impacting scholarships and acceptance, so we decided to try the SATs a third and final time. To give him the best shot at improving his scores, we enrolled him the the Prepare course, with the goal to be an improvement of combined Math and Reading scores of 30. And I thought that was an unlikely goal because we did this with my daughter a few years ago with a different tutor and her scores did not improve much. I was amazed to see that his math score improved by 60, reading by 10 and writing by 80, for a total score that is very competitive. I do believe this improvement in score will impact scholarship amount and acceptance. The effectiveness of the course is proved out in the results and I highly recommend it to all. I am very thankful to Peter for the excellent job he did preparing my son for SATs!

John Lentz
father of Tim Lentz, Salisbury HS

Ryan Leiman

Really made the difference for me!


Ryan Leiman
Nazareth HS

Meghan Sunners

I had taken the SAT twice before, and got almost identical scores both times. I didn’t think the scores were a good representative of my ability, so I reached out to an old teacher to tutor me. My score didn’t change after the tutor, and I was at a loss. One of my friends suggested this class with Peter Schmidt. I am so glad I took this course, Peter managed to improve my SAT score by 190 points! I already had relatively high scores, and I still went up almost 200 points. I definitely recommend this course to anyone wanting to improve their scores!

Meghan Sunners
Southern Lehigh HS (Pitt)

Maria Holstrom

The Prepare program was amazing. Mr. Schmidt makes the classes really enjoyable, and he teaches us a ton of new techniques I haven’t even thought of trying. My score increased by 230 points with only one session. I definitely recommend this program for anyone who needs to increase their score on the SATs, ACTs, etc.

Maria Holstrom
Central Catholic HS (Penn State)

Sue Ondrey

Both of my children took the SAT prep class over the summer then took the SAT in the fall to minimize the overlap with the school year. Despite different learning styles, both were well prepared and did extremely well on their respective SATs. I have no doubt that this course was worth the investment for them.

Sue Ondrey
mother of Jen and Natalie Ondrey, Parkland HS

Meg Gardner

Mr. Schmidt’s class was incredibly beneficial for my son. I highly recommend his service. My son put forth the effort and his scores jumped 200 points! So very happy we followed friends’ recommendations to take Mr. Schmidt’s class!


Meg Gardner
mother of Jack Gardner, Phillipsburg HS (Lafayette)

Drew Heavilon

Peter Schmidt’s SAT prep program is the best option for test preparation. Mr. Schmidt teaches in such an entertaining way that you want to learn. The Prepare program using Mr. Schmidt’s method really works, but you need to put time and effort to attain good results. I took the SAT in the fall of my senior year after my three week class, and I went up 250 points. Because of Mr. Schmidt, I got into my first choice school, Indiana University. I recommend this program to everyone because it produces results. Without Mr. Schmidt, I would be attending community college, and my dream school would just be a dream.

Drew Heavilon
Notre Dame HS (Indiana U)

Vinay Ghai

After taking the SAT twice and not doing as well as I had hoped, I decided to do a test prep course to help boost my score. The coursework at Prepare was relevant and useful for essays and other coursework outside the SAT. I managed to boost my score where it counted and I got into my first choice of college. 10/10, would recommend.

Vinay Ghai
Parkland HS (Lafayette)

George Smith

I took my first SAT this past October (2014) and performed way beyond what I expected for my first time. I had my doubts at first, but the test-taking techniques taught to us by Mr. Schmidt helped me both save time on the test and receive satisfactory scores in all 3 categories of the test. I plan on participating in this program again to help me push my score even higher. I highly recommend Prepare to any student looking for intense help in preparing for their SAT.

George Smith
Emmaus HS (Pitt)

Laura Shearman Swartley

The test taking strategies that Mr. Schmidt taught not only helped me to improve my SAT scores, but also were strategies I that I continued to use in college and even to pass the NCLEX!!

Laura Shearman Swartley
Parkland HS (Moravian)

Brianna McCullough

The Prepare Test Preperation system was excellent. It taught me test taking tips and tricks, not only for the SAT, but also for various other standardized tests that I’ve taken such as the LSAT. The things that I learned in this class back in 2010 have stuck with me to this day. I also really appreciate the class’s 100 point increase guarantee. I took the SAT one time without any preparation and then I took Mr. Schmidt’s class and took the test again. Unfortunately, the second time, I only improved by about 10 points. However, because of the guarantee, I was able to take the class again, free of charge. The third time I took the SAT, I improved dramatically and the score that I received made me eligible for a full scholarship to my university. This system truly works and also teaches skills that can be used throughout the rest of your life. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone.

Brianna McCullough
Freedom HS (Howard U)

Michael Martineau

The stress I saved on test day alone made Prepare worth every penny! By the end of the course, I had been given the necessary tools to shine on the SAT/ACT. In addition, Prepare teaches the course in a way that makes you enjoy coming to class. Online courses that claim to achieve the same results are no substitute for being taught by an enjoyable teacher in person. I have recommended Prepare to many of my friends, and I will keep recommending it to many more.

Michael Martineau
Northern Lehigh HS (George Washington)

Hyunbin Kim

I assumed I’d treat the SAT like any other test and wing it. Taking this course with Peter was a blessing as he really opened my eyes on what I’d have to do to succeed. He kept classes interesting and really made an effort to help us learn and improve. I’m certain I wouldn’t have gotten the high scores I needed to get into Dartmouth, Columbia, Brown, and UChicago without him.

Hyunbin Kim
Parkland HS (Dartmouth)

Maureen Meier

All three of my kids attended the PREPARE Test Preparation and Tutoring. My oldest is now in medical school, he attend Warren Hills High School, my middle child is a junior in college, he attended Parkland High School and my youngest is a junior at Parkland High School preparing to apply to college. This class prepared my kids for the SAT and ACT, Peter has the ability to teach and engage his students. My kids enjoyed going to this class!! It helped them both academically, it gave them the confidence to take and do well on the tests. My kids apply the test taking techniques they learned when taking other tests. I highly recommend the PREPARE Test Preparation and Tutoring!

Maureen Meier
mother of three PREPARE students from Parkland HS

Lisa Garbacik

PREPARE is well worth the investment as preparation for the PSAT and SAT. We researched many test prep programs and options and are incredibly happy with the results so far! After taking Peter’s class, our son scored well above the National Merit Qualifying PSAT scores – earning a perfect score on Critical Reading by using the strategies he learned in class. The class is challenging and Peter is demanding of his students, but our son looked forward to going, had fun while he was there and was motivated to do well in the class and on the tests. The opportunity to attend additional classes and brush up classes the night before the SAT sets the PREPARE class apart from all the rest and helps to calm any test day nervousness. We highly recommend Peter’s class to everyone we know – the results are worth the investment and rest assured, our younger son will attend Peter’s class when the time comes!

NW Lehigh HS
Lisa Garbacik
mother of Jeffrey Garbacik Northwestern Lehigh HS (Georgia Tech)

Becky Lakata

Both of my children, who attend(ed) Allentown Central Catholic High School, attended the PREPARE Test Preparation and Tutoring and I have been pleased in both instances. Most recently, my daughter’s score on the SAT increased over 150 points! She really liked Peter Schmidt and found him to be “very smart and entertaining”. I couldn’t have asked for more!


Becky Lakata
mother of two Central Catholic HS students

Cristi Landrigan

I recommend your class to everyone I know. It is worth every penny. Your class is not only effective for getting higher scores but it’s also very interesting according to Caileigh and Conor. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard that from other kids who took other SAT courses. My husband and I were shocked that Conor actually looked forward to your classes. We thought both kids would give us a hard time. Both are very grateful they took your class. I can’t recommend it highly enough, especially if a student wants results. Great investment! Thank you.

NW Lehigh HS
Cristi Landrigan
, mother of three Northwestern Lehigh HS students

Abby Omdahl

Mr. Schmidt accommodates to all different types of learning styles. He genuinely cares about his students successes and knows what it takes to improve test scores. I was able to improve my scores by 400 points by learning new techniques taught by Mr. Schmidt. I highly recommend his class!

Abby Omdahl
Saucon Valley HS (Loyola)

Dana Emsweiler

Pete Schmidt leads his course in an innovative and thorough manner. By following his unique set of tips and tricks, students can achieve their goals of improving their scores on the SAT.

Dana Emsweiler
Parkland HS (Pitt)

Chris DeCesare

I took the SAT Prep clas in Summer of 2019 to improve my score to be eligible for merit scholarships. The class taught me new strategies of taking tests that I have used for 2 SAT tests and an ACT. Since taking Peter Schmidt’s course, I now am eligible for Honors Program. This was probably one of the best classes I have ever taken and Mr. Schmidt was the best and most interesting teacher I have had. He’s knowledgable and made the subject material fun. I did actually look forward to going to his class, even getting up early during the summer. I highly recommend to get your scores up and learn strategies to use in high school and beyond.

Chris DeCesare
Perkiomen School

Brianna Peters

Very helpful in my process to success. I’m super happy that I took this class and would highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their scores.

Brianna Peters
Easton HS (Penn State)

Eric Dai

Taking Mr. Schmidt’s class was definitely one of the best things I did in my prep for college. The class was very enjoyable and the way he taught the subjects was phenomenal. Had I not taken his class I definitely wouldn’t have gotten the improvement in my score that I did…. His tips and tricks were very useful and very practical. I can say without a doubt that without having taken his class my score wouldn’t have improved to the point were I was able to the Ivy League institution that I attended.

Eric Dai
Emmaus HS (Cornell)

Abbey Dech

Mr. Schmidt’s class was one of the most interesting and entertaining classes I have taken. My score improved over 200 points the first time I took the SAT after his class! He teaches a lot of strategies and he’s the funniest guy, so it’s not the slightest bit boring. Definitely worth it.

Penn State
Abbey Dech
Freedom HS (Penn State)

Melissa Starace

The Prepare program provides students structure and discipline that benefits them well beyond the testing. Students leave with a greater sense of personal responsibility for their studies as well. The program is rigid and expectations to participate are high however this is what makes the program worth investing in. Both of my children, who have very different learning styles, benefited from the Prepare program. I would high recommend it to any family – it is an investment you will not regret.

Melissa Starace, mother of Joe Dittmar
Notre Dame HS

Linnaea Lister

The Prepare Test Preparation System was great!! My daughter improved her ACT test score by 3 points and her SAT by 180. She made Honor Roll the next marking period, as well. The strategies were very helpful and have made her an overall better student. She never gave me a problem going to the six week course which involved a lot of time and hard work. The review class the night before the test is an added benefit. The cost is well worth it and very affordable. We cannot thank Peter enough!!

Linnaea Lister
Palmerton HS (Moravian)

Matthew Sonon

Taking this course with Peter was the best thing that could have ever happened to my SAT score. Being a lazier High School student, my GPA was not up to par to get into the colleges I wanted to attend. After taking the SAT one time, I realized I needed more help to get the scores I desired. After taking the SAT a second time (after taking the course) I was able to get into schools of my choice and I used some of the same test taking methodologies in my college career. 10/10 would do again.


Matthew Sonon
Bethlehem Catholic HS

Jose Avila

I highly recommended this course to prepare for the SATs or ACTs. My son took this course some years back and he drastically improved his SAT scores. He wanted to attend Tufts University which has a low acceptance rate and therefore he needed his SATs to be strong. He was able to do just that and he is enjoying his time at Tufts University in Boston. This is certainly 100% worth it. He has a great structure and keeps the students accountability. Totally recommend it!

Northern Lehigh HS
Marya Alexander, mother of Jose Avila
Northern Lehigh HS (Tufts)

Josh Tacca

I took Peter Schmidt’s class back in high school and I thought it was awesome. He always made the class a lot of fun to go to. It really helped me a lot in the SAT. Moved up at least 200 points. I was in the 1900-range. My final SAT score was 2190, which included a 770 on Reading and a 730 on math.

Josh Tacca
Parkland HS (Vanderbilt)

Yale Rosin

This prep greatly helped me with my SATs. My score went up a significant amount.

Yale Rosin
Wyoming Seminary College Prep

Kenny Honer

Peter Schmidt’s Prepare program was monumental to my success on the SAT. After one session, my scores on the old SAT jumped around 300 points, which placed me in the 98th percentile of all test takers. Peter Schmidt can lift almost all his students’€™ scores because of his superior knowledge of the exam as well as his utmost dedication to the class. Although success in his class and the exam require dedication and hard-work, Peter can make learning fun through his cheerful humor and easy-going personality. Even though the exam and the class are now three years behind me, I still am able to use the problem-solving and analytical reading skills that I gained in his class almost every day. I am very proud to recommend Peter’s Prepare program to all students who are dedicated and motivated to increase their test scores.

Saucon Valley HS
Kenny Honer
Saucon Valley HS (Lehigh U)

Eli Haiko

This class is definitely worth taking. I learned very helpful test taking strategies that I wouldn’t have been able to find anywhere else, and the improvement in my scores reflects the effectiveness of this class. Not only is the class effective in helping improve scores, but also in keeping students engaged and entertained; there was never a dull moment over the entire course of the class. I recommend this class for being both fun and effective in helping prepare for tests.

Eli Haiko
CB South HS (Delaware)

Rayhan Rahman

The other students in my grade are of exceptional caliber and I knew I would have to score well on the SAT to stand out. Mr. Schmidt’s useful reading strategies helped me break bad habits and allowed me to stop missing easy questions. Overall, thanks to Prepare, I went up 140 points from my practice test scores and exceeded my expectations.

Rayman Rahman
Parkland HS

Henry Pavis

We were very pleased with the results of the Prepare for the SAT by Peter Schmidt. The results were exactly what was advertised, by following the guidelines our son was able to raise his SAT score by over 150 points. What impressed us the most was how quickly Mr. Schmidt understood our son. By understanding him, he was able to teach him test strategies that would work. Mr. Schmidt provided very detailed reviews of each practice test and his comments were spot on, highlighting where he was making consistently careless mistakes. This class was absolutely worth the investment!

John & Deborah Pavis,
parents of Henry Pavis, Bethlehem Catholic HS

Joe and Julie D’Amico

After what I consider the typical teenage resistance, the light went on and our daughter really bought into the methods and reasoning Peter offered the students. He challenges, and sometimes chastises, them all to their benefit. We are pleased with the results Peter helped her achieve. Just as importantly, she is pleased and she has promoted Peter’s program to her friends.

Joe and Julie D'Amico,
parents of Kelli D'Amico, Emmaus HS (Penn St)

Kendra Borascius

I loved this class! It helped me learn how to take the test. It gave me an easier way to look at the questions and I felt more confident in taking the test. I used all of the techniques you showed us in class on the test in October. Overall I rate this class a 10!

Kendra Borascius,
Southern Lehigh HS (DeSales)

Alex Pruszynski

Prepare truly was a great experience and helped me attain my goal of getting into Penn State University, main campus! I do not think I would have ever scored as well on my SAT if it had not been for your class. It was not only helpful, but a lot of fun as well. I have a little brother currently in 7th grade. I have already primed my parents for sending him to your class when he gets into high school.

Alex Pruszynski,
Notre Dame HS (Penn St)

Deb Reda

As a parent, I was very pleased with the class and Marc’s reaction. Marc wasn’™t thrilled when we signed up, but he came away with a very positive attitude.

Deb Reda,
parent of Marc Reda, Bethlehem Catholic HS (Seton Hall)

Tracy Llado

We were pleased with the opportunity for George to not only go for a review the day before he retook the SAT, but the open invitation to sit in on additional classes once his classes ended. George said taking the class taught him valuable techniques as well as gave him more confidence in retaking the SAT. It was definitely a worthwhile investment. You can expect to see my ninth grader within the next two years. We appreciate your professionalism and pushing George to do better.

Tracy Llado ,
mother of George Llado, Parkland HS (Pittsburgh)

Joanna Kovacs

Taking the PREPARE prep course really produced results in my son’s overall SAT scores. He increased 240 points overall while enjoying the low key, easy-to-learn atmosphere. I would highly recommend this course to any student who is college bound.

Joanna Kovacs,
mother of Joey Kovacs, Bethlehem Catholic HS (Penn St.)

Peter Krasja

I have recommended Prepare for the SAT to many parents. My daughter found the course both entertaining and fulfilling. Peter Schmidt’™s follow up and sincere interest in students and the development of their skills makes this a “œmust-do” for college bound students and a superb value for their parents.

Peter Krasja,
father of Natalie and Amelia Krasja, Emmaus HS (DeSales and Villanova)

Cathy Pierce

John’s score improved tremendously, which gave him the confidence to apply to the most selective schools in the country. The instructor’s personal attention and enthusiastic attitude made the course enjoyable and the outcome was well worth the price of the course.

Cathy Pierce,
mother of John Pierce, North Penn HS

John Hall

I was under the impression that the average increase after taking an SAT prep course was about 100 points. Obviously, my daughters exceeded that average, no doubt to the credit of you and your instructors at PREPARE. I would highly recommend PREPAREâ’s SAT course to anyone. It is an excellent value for the money.

John Hall,
father of Emily and Megan (Penn St) Hall, Easton High School

Jack Breiner

Prepare was the best test preparation choice I could have made. My scores went up substantially from my PSATs. The strategies I learned during the class were highly effective come test day. Also, the relaxed classroom atmosphere is conducive to learning; I actually WANTED to go to class!

Jack Breiner, Parkland HS, Lehigh U.
Parkland HS (Lehigh)

Charles Richter

The people at Prepare did a terrific job preparing my daughter for the test, but beyond that, they taught her a great deal about basic writing skills. It wasn’™t just a cram course, but rather a carefully structured experience in how to write and think clearly. Her score went up over 100 points, but she also grew as a writer. She had taken SAT prep classes with other companies but none could measure up to Prepare.


Charles Richter,
father of Gillian Richter, Moravian Academy (Brandeis)

Leslie Staffeld

Peter is fabulous! He helped both of our children improve their scores, especially with the writing portion of the SAT. He is a practicing educator; he teaches and takes the test so he can speak to the students from experience. Kate and Andrew’s scores opened opportunities for scholarships. Thank you, Peter!

Leslie Staffeld,
Principal of Richland Elementary School, mother of Kate and Andrew Fetterman, Southern Lehigh HS (Elizabethtown)

Emily Paskewicz

From the PSAT to the SAT I felt much more prepared and less stressed. The class helped me specifically with the methods for critical reading because I went in with strategies to get those sections done faster. The math was also helpful for reviewing old skills I probably would have forgotten by the time the test rolled around. I would definitely recommend this class to other students for its helpful preparation and stress-free environment.

Emily Paskewicz,
Saucon Valley HS (Penn St.)

Christine Shaneberger

PREPARE was the best investment I could have made for my future. I was shown techniques to drastically strengthen my skills in math, reading comprehension and writing. Most importantly, PREPARE’s instructors gave me a deep understanding of the SATs, which gave me an invaluable advantage. Your class has really opened a lot of doors for me. Because I increased my SAT scores almost 500 points, I was granted a pretty substantial merit scholarship for my “number one school” that I would have not been able to afford otherwise.

Christine Shaneberger,
Notre Dame HS (Wilkes College)

Jannice Reynolds

Taking the Prepare for the SAT class with Peter helped raise my daughter’™s score by over 200 points. The small class size allows individual attention and Peter focuses on all of the important issues. It was the right choice for us and we couldn’t be happier!

Bethlehem Catholic HS
Jannice Reynolds,
mother of Kelsey Reynolds, Bethlehem Catholic HS (Temple)

Gillis Bernard

The Prepare class really helped me to raise my scores in all sections of the SAT and ACT, especially math. When I started looking at colleges, I was a little worried about whether I would be able to get into the schools because my test scores were a bit lower than what the colleges were asking for, even though my GPA was appropriate. The practice tests and classes I took with Prepare definitely gave me confidence in my abilities, and increased my scores to give me an extra edge this fall when I apply to colleges. Prepare is really great, and as long as you do the homework, you will surely see great results!

Gillis Bernard,
Moravian Academy (Vanderbilt)

Jackie Busolits

I was a bit apprehensive about taking a SAT class. Before I walked into Mr. Schmidt’™s class I had no understanding of the SAT’s at all. Absolutely none! When I came out of his last class I felt prepared, confident and ready to tackle the SAT’s. This class was such a help because for the weeks leading up to the SAT’s I watched my friends stress about the test but I felt calm and ready. Mr. Schmidt’s class was so worth it and I would recommend it to anyone. This past October I got an SAT score of 1830 and I could not have done it without Mr. Schmidt.

Salisbury HS
Jackie Busolits,
Salibury HS (Grove CIty)

Sophia Srinivasan

Mr. Schmidt’s teaching was informative, but also really engaging. It was impossible not to pay attention. Prepare’s instruction in critical reading strategy and grammar rules for the writing section was especially helpful. My score increased by 250 points from a 2110 before the course to a 2360 afterward.

Sophia Srinivasan,
Parkland HS, 2011 National Merit Finalist (Georgetown)

Jason Curreri

I cannot say enough about the Prepare SAT class. I know this class has had a huge impact on my life. Through this class I was not only able to get into the college I wanted but they offered me a great scholarship for all four years. The class was able to increase my math and English scores by over 250 points. My Writing grade also increased by 200 points. To tell you the truth my parents forced me to take this class and for once they were right. The teachers fully understand the SAT. Not only did they understand how to take the test but they also knew how to teach it. They were engaging and the class never seemed boring. I am now in college and owe a great debt of gratitude to Prepare. Honestly the techniques they teach are not only good for the SAT but for college writing also. I recommend this to everyone who is thinking about going to college.

Bethlehem Catholic HS
Jason Curreri,
Bethlehem Catholic HS (Hofstra U. and Seton Hall Law School)

Stephen Yoon

Through Prepare, I was able to learn effective strategies for every section on the SAT and gain confidence with frequent practice tests in realistic testing conditions. After my Prepare course, my junior SAT and PSAT scores increased by the equivalent of 500 points on the SAT compared to my sophomore scores. Using Prepare’s stategies, I was designated as a National Merit Semifinalist (top 1% nationally) through my junior PSAT score. Many of my friends took courses with Kaplan and Princeton Review for hundreds of more dollars and found themselves with little to no improvement. You’ve definitely made a difference in my life through your teaching. I wish you success in your work and I’ll try my best to spread the word about Prepare.

Stephen Yoon,
Freedom HS (Cornell)

Darlene Bishop

Enrolling my daughters in the Prepare class was one of the best investments I ever made. I highly recommend it to any student planning to attend college. This program really works! Peter is an incredible teacher and motivator. The girls improved their SAT scores by nearly 200 points and as a result, greatly increased their scholarship opportunities: Sarah is currently at Pitt on a full tuition scholarship, while Katherine has received numerous scholarship offers and invitations to college honors programs all thanks to her SAT score.

Darlene Bishop,
mother of Sarah (Pitt), Katherine (UNC) and Jennifer (Ohio State) Bishop, Southern Lehigh H.S.

Yi Hua & Bao Xin Chi

Prior to Prepare,, my daughter’s score was exceedingly low. Through recommendation from friends in the community, I decided to sign her up for a SAT class. After learning about Mr. Schmidt’s 100 pt guarantee, I signed my daughter up. Since the class, my daughter’s grade not only improved but improved by 400 pts. I am very thankful for the improvement and test taking skills Mr. Schmidt allowed us to see within our daughter. As a business owner, whenever I hear a customer talk about SAT’s with their children, I always recommend Prepare because it’™s very reliable, inexpensive, and promising. Sending my daughter to take Prepare is one of the best choices I’ve made for her. I have two more kids growing up. It is without a doubt that I’ll send them to take Prepare as well.

Yi Hua & Bao Xin Chi,
parents of Helen Chi, Saucon Valley HS (Ursinus)

Kathy Lilley

Both of my daughters attended Prepare classes with Peter Schmidt. Jessica took the course three years ago and the first thing she said to me after taking the SAT for the first time was, œI can’t imagine how I would have been during the test if I hadn’t taken the classes with Mr. Schmidt! She felt as though she was truly prepared for the test. Because Jessica had such a positive experience, we had her sister Jordan sign up for the Prepare course this fall, prior to taking the PSAT as a junior. She just received notification that she has attained National Merit Scholar Commendation status. Before taking the SAT this winter, Jordan plans to take advantage of the free refresher classes that Prepare offers. My husband and I are so pleased that our daughters were able to do so well. I would recommend this course for SAT preparation without reservation.

Kathy Lilley,
mother of Jessica (Penn St.) and Jordan Lilley (U.Penn), Wilson HS

Samantha Morin

I would just like to thank you immensely for the benefit your course was. I improved way more than I had even deemed possible and I must thank you for that. It truly was a pleasure to have taken the class, which made such an improvement to my understanding of the test as well as how to take it properly. I will definitely be recommending the course to others, as I know my mother has already been doing. Thank you again!

Saucon Valley HS
Samantha Morin,
Saucon Valley HS (Pitt, Swanson School of Engineering)

Kelli Bujanowski

While taking the PSAT’s last year my confidence level was completely down. I had no idea how I was ever going to do well taking the SAT. So my parents signed me up for Prepare with Mr. Schmidt. After taking the class I felt extremely comfortable taking on the challenge of the SAT. My score improved by over 250 points. I really recommend this class; not only do you learn how to take on the test but you do it by having fun!

Kelli Bujanowski,
Saucon Valley HS (Ithaca College)

Wyatt Miller

Taking the Prepare class was the best thing I could have done to improve my SAT score. Not only did I get to review all of the material covered on the SAT and take several practice tests, but I also learned many of the tips and tricks that are crucial to succeeding on the test. I increased my score by 350 points overall and I couldn’t be happier with my improvement.

Wyatt Miller,
Nazareth HS (Fordham)

Gerry Krupka

Prepare affords typical score improvements between 100 and 200 points. Improvements of that magnitude are a difference maker in school admission decisions, and in the level of grants awarded. A $1,250 per year grant improvement represents a 1000% return on investment in the Prepare program. I have two sons, and they both attended. In addition to SAT score improvements, my sons became better students. Prepare was a great investment in their future.

Central Catholic HS
Gerry Krupka,
father of Phil and Zach Krupka, Central Catholic HS (Monmouth)

LuAnne Procyk

Wish I had known about you before flushing one thousand dollars away on Kaplan.

LuAnne Procyk,
mother of Jenna Procyk, Emmaus HS (St. Joseph's)

Anthony Bisconti

I am very pleased with my decision to take the class and with the outcome of my scores. [a 210-point improvement] I enjoyed having an instructor who was enthusiastic and made the class interesting.

Anthony Bisconti,
Southern Lehigh HS (Lehigh)

Meredith Margolis

I’m convinced that Prepare helped Michael’s SAT scores improve enough to be considered (and admitted!) to more competitive universities. Peter and his fellow teachers were obviously entertaining enough to keep a relatively unenthusiastic participant from complaining about a three-hour class after school!

Meredith Margolis,
mother of Michael and Becca Margolis, Moravian Academy (Hofstra and American)

Briana Valasek

I am thankful that I took your course. I genuinely felt like you tried hard to make everyone improve and understand and I really appreciated that. You somehow made class fun, especially when you would get off topic, or bring us food, lol! In closing, I just wanted you to know that I am happy with my score, and I can finally put the SAT’s behind me. Once again, thanks for all your help.

Briana Valasek,
Southern Lehigh HS (DeSales)

Nelson Maniscalco

The essay was great. I wasn’t nervous at all and I had time to complete everything, and then check my work. The class was awesome…you prepared me for everything. I am gonna miss you guys. Thanks for everything.

Nelson Maniscalco,
Allentown Central Catholic HS (Temple)

Justine Garbarino

After receiving a score that did not reflect my high school grades or ability, I decided to take the classes to improve. The skills, tricks, and instructions that were taught allowed me to work on my weaknesses and eventually increase my score by over 400 points.

Justine Garbarino,
Central Catholic HS (Catholic U.)

Joe Guth

I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your class and I feel I got a lot out of it. As I was taking the SAT today I found myself approaching it very differently than my friends around me. I heard people talking about various questions that were hard or tricky in math and reading. Every time I heard that, I remembered taking that specific section and all I thought was “this is a plug-in” or “they put this choice in to trick me.” One of the greatest things I got out of your class was confidence that I would do well on the SAT. Without that I probably would have been overanxious and extremely nervous. As it was, I just thought of it being ˜another practice test.

Joe Guth,
Parkland HS

Victoria Schaarschmidt

Thanks so much the course was awesome and it helped a lot. I’m getting some nice $$$ from colleges for my scores!!!

Victoria Schaarschmidt,
Northampton HS, (Kutztown)

William Hogan

PREPARE gives students the edge they need to succeed on the SAT. The course significantly boosted my test scores by nearly 200 points. Honestly, this is one of the only classes that I did not want to miss. The teacher is dedicated, down to earth, and one of the most amusing teachers you could ever have. I suggest this course if you want to do well on the SAT’s because this course’s guarantee of boosting your score is full-proof.

William Hogan,
Notre Dame HS (Lehigh)

Pat Costa

Prepare is an unbelievable SAT preparation service. With colleges becoming increasingly more selective in their admissions, a strong SAT score is vital in order to stand out. Through Prepare, I was able to learn efficient and time-saving test taking strategies as well as improve my vocabulary, which helps me in my everyday life. After completing the Prepare course I was much more confident in my test-taking abilities. I improved 150 points from my PSAT score and was able to apply to my first choice college and feel I had a legitimate shot at acceptance. Also, after seeing how well Prepare had worked for me, many of my classmates took the course and experienced similar score increases. I would recommend Prepare to anyone because, based on my personal experience and research, it’s the best preparation service out there.

Pat Costa,
Central Catholic HS (Lehigh)

Patrick McTish

I cannot believe how much PREPARE helped to improve my score. I learned so many great test-taking techniques, especially in the reading and writing sections; these scores increased dramatically. I found that learning new vocabulary words was most helpful because I struggled on the vocabulary section of the SAT before I attended class. Also, I am able to return to class and practice my skills before I take the SAT again. PREPARE definitely helped me to improve my score on the SAT dramatically.

Patrick McTish,
Emmaus HS (Villanova)

Nick Lomauro

Taking the PREPARE course taught me methods to save time by narrowing my answer choices for the Critical Reading and Writing sections. Mr. Schmidt also helped me to improve my writing skills tremendously. My overall score improved by more than 200 points. Mr. Schmidt is a fantastic teacher. He made taking a three-week course about standardized testing bearable, and even fun!

Nick Lomauro,
Emmaus HS (Ithaca College)

Gaby Gosciniak

I feel very fortunate to have taken the Prepare SAT preparation course. The class was enjoyable and relaxing. I was able to use the strategies I learned in the class not only on the SAT itself but also on other standardized tests, such as AP tests and SAT Subject Tests. The frequent practice tests allowed me to familiarize myself with the test before test day. I was more than satisfied with my SAT’s scores. With Prepare’s help I was able to increase my cumulative SAT score by 200 points. Thanks to Prepare I feel more confident in applying to college.

Gaby Gosciniak, Notre Dame HS,
National Merit Finalist (U.Penn)

Ken Choquette

My daughter took Mr. Schmidt’s SAT preparatory course and thoroughly enjoyed the challenge, obtaining a score well beyond her practice tests. She built a solid foundation through Mr. Schmidt’s review and teaching that afforded her confidence that propelled her through the exam with ease.

Central Catholic HS
Ken Choquette,
father of Laura Choquette, Central Catholic HS (Delaware)

Elena Haag

Prepare is a wonderful program. Peter Schmidt is a great instructor and cares for his students. He offers a review session right before the test. You are always welcome to attend his classes again if you would like to review. PREPARE helped me achieve very high scores in both the PSAT and SAT. I especially felt prepared for the Writing and Math sections after his class and achieved a perfect score in both. I definitely recommend this program as worth your time and money.

Elena Haag,
Emmaus HS, National Merit Finalist (Duke)

Camille Roberts

No one ever thought SAT studying could actually be enjoyable, but Mr. Schmidt easily overcomes this impossibility. His ability to effectively teach students while also putting on a three-act play never fails to make for an engaging lecture. I took the course before I took the SAT’s for the first time, but as I revisited and refreshed on the skills this course taught me, my super score went up 230 points. The class is awesome for people looking to improve their scores who need something more than just books. The class really helped me to go into test day with the confidence I needed to do well. This course is especially excellent for those struggling with the writing section. I would recommend Prepare to anyone who is serious about the SAT, because it was an enjoyable, effective, and worthwhile experience.

Camille Roberts,
Parkland HS and George Washington U.

Nils Dahl

I was very pleased with my preparedness for the SATs and saw an increase of 260 points after my second test. Mr. Schmidt was kind enough to allow me to take a practice test to help prepare for my October test even though I was signed up for the class. Ultimately, that practice test prepared me for my most successful SAT test.

Nils Dahl,
Notre Dame HS (U.Penn)

Tyler Coulton

Mr. Schmidt’s strengths as a teacher are not limited to his ability to captivate and inspire confidence on the often-daunting SAT. It is his personality, his energy, and his ability to relate to his students on an individual level that make these classes truly exceptional. Mr. Schmidt taught lessons in an interesting and unconventional manner that would prove successful when I took the test last fall. As a student who, at times, felt that the course would be unnecessary, I was happily proven wrong when I received my test scores. I would highly recommend Prepare to anyone wishing to end the dramatics that tests like these often are. Mr. Schmidt’s classes instilled the confidence and the information necessary for me to understand exactly what the SATs were and were not, and therein lay the difference.

Tyler Coulton,
Parkland HS (Princeton)

Bryan Shumock

œMy daughter, Kali, a junior at Liberty HS, as well as my other two older girls,(one at Temple Doctorate of PT and the other a junior at Penn State) have all used Peter Schmidt’s SAT prep program. The price is right, and Peter is an excellent instructor: Kali saw her scores rise 250 points! I appreciate everything he’™s done for my kids and just wanted to give him the props for doing a great job!

Liberty HS
Bryan Shumock,
Lehigh Valley Hawks, Lehigh Valley Streetball,
and most importantly, father of three Liberty kids that did great under Peter's guidance!

Tyler Albanese

I want to thank you very much for all you’ve done for my scores. My SAT score is nearly 200 points higher than the PSAT I took last year! I must attribute this increase to your class and teaching. Not only was I prepared with the help of your tips and instruction on various sections of the test, but also the hard work that was necessary on my part to make the most out of the class. Come test day, I was not overwhelmed by what I came across on the test and found test-taking a smooth and relaxing process. I’m very blessed to have been a part of your class!

Tyler Albanese,
Central Catholic HS (Lafayette)

Jill Redfern

Peter will teach your child how to deliver on his/her potential. He is outstanding at what he does. Peter, I am putting you on my list of “people who actually do what theey say they will” in life list. It’s a remarkably short list 🙂

Moravian Academy
Jill Redfern,
mother of Cole Redfern, Moravian Academy

Anne Englesson

I have told many people about you and Prepare. Our son, George, did very well with your course and really enjoyed it. That says ALOT when you think that it was on top of regular studies and at times tough to fit in with his sports. We think it was well worth it and so does he. His scores on his final SAT’s were very good (great improvement) and gave him a lot of confidence to apply to the school that he was interested in attending. The high school program just doesn’t help the student develop skills necessary to test-take correctly. I remember talking to you prior to signing George up and telling you that he had difficulty in test taking. You put our concerns to rest by telling me that you developed a way to teach the student HOW to study for the SAT’s. It does work. Can’t say enough about the wonderful tools you teach the students. You give them tools that take them far beyond high school years. Thanks again for all your help.

Anne Englesson,
mother of George Engleson, Southern Lehigh HS (Drexel)

Steve Kurtz

Prior to Peter Schmidt’s SAT prep course, my daughter’s practice score was 1820. After taking his course and dedicating substantial time, she scored a 2310 on her first attempt. This dramatic change is atypical, but her performance proves that it is possible. I believe that the two essential components are: 1). Peter Schmidt’s course, and 2). Substantial student effort during and after the course. She could not have achieved her score without both of these. I highly recommend that students take this course as early as possible so that his methods can be practiced as much as possible.

Without any consideration for price, this course is the best SAT preparation anywhere because Peter Schmidt is the ONLY teacher and he is an exceptional one. Furthermore, the price of the course is a bargain. If you live within 50 miles of the Lehigh Valley, this is the only course to consider.”

Steve Kurtz,
father of Caroline Kurtz, Notre Dame HS
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