My son had taken the SAT twice and had, what I considered to be, relatively high scores. His math and reading scores were close to a number which I which I felt might be a threshold value impacting scholarships and acceptance, so we decided to try the SATs a third and final time. To give him the best shot at improving his scores, we enrolled him the the Prepare course, with the goal to be an improvement of combined Math and Reading scores of 30. And I thought that was an unlikely goal because we did this with my daughter a few years ago with a different tutor and her scores did not improve much. I was amazed to see that his math score improved by 60, reading by 10 and writing by 80, for a total score that is very competitive. I do believe this improvement in score will impact scholarship amount and acceptance. The effectiveness of the course is proved out in the results and I highly recommend it to all. I am very thankful to Peter for the excellent job he did preparing my son for SATs!