The Prepare Test Preperation system was excellent. It taught me test taking tips and tricks, not only for the SAT, but also for various other standardized tests that I’ve taken such as the LSAT. The things that I learned in this class back in 2010 have stuck with me to this day. I also really appreciate the class’s 100 point increase guarantee. I took the SAT one time without any preparation and then I took Mr. Schmidt’s class and took the test again. Unfortunately, the second time, I only improved by about 10 points. However, because of the guarantee, I was able to take the class again, free of charge. The third time I took the SAT, I improved dramatically and the score that I received made me eligible for a full scholarship to my university. This system truly works and also teaches skills that can be used throughout the rest of your life. I would definitely recommend this class to everyone.