Who Needs SAT & ACT Prep?

Considering how much time students spend on school, sports and other extracurricular activities—all in hopes of improving their resumés for college—and bearing in mind that an extra hundred points on the SAT can mean the difference between acceptance and rejection, doesn’t a course that can help them significantly improve their ACT or SAT scores seem like a wise investment?

 Harvard University

Harvard University

Merit Aid

To induce their prospective students to attend, almost all colleges offer financial assistance packages based on merit: the most criteria are student’s grade and standardized test scores. SAT and ACT scores have a huge impact on the allocation of scholarships: Extra points can easily translate into extra dollars. In the end, a strong ACT SAT prep course can pay for itself—many times over.

“Enrolling my daughters in the Prepare class was one of the best investments I ever made. I highly recommend it to any student planning to attend college. This program really works! Peter is an incredible teacher and motivator. The girls improved their SAT scores by nearly 200 points and as a result, greatly increased their scholarship opportunities: Sarah is currently at Pitt on a full tuition scholarship, while Katherine has received numerous scholarship offers and invitations to college honors programs all thanks to her SAT score.

Darlene Bishop, mother of Sarah, Katherine and Jennifer Bishop, Southern Lehigh H.S.

What’s the best ACT/SAT Prep Method?

Yes, students can learn valuable information from test prep guides and on-line courses—provided they stick to a strict regimen of self-instruction and self-evaluation.

But how many students have that kind of discipline? A tightly structured classroom course led by a well-trained instructor can achieve dramatic results that are nearly impossible to duplicate with books or on-line courses.


Let’s face it: prepping for the ACT and SAT isn’t anyone’s idea of a swinging time. Keeping kids interested—and even entertained—is crucial. At PREPARE, we keep our pupils involved and motivated through drills and games that reinforce basic test-taking techniques; students find that the more effort they put into their homework, the better they perform in these classroom competitions. Sound simple?  Sure—but it works.

Also, we recognize that a student’s vocabulary is crucial to success on the SAT. Unlike other test prep companies, PREPARE doesn’t just send students home with lengthy word lists to memorize. Instead, we show students how to break down words into prefixes and roots so that they can decipher the meanings of words they don’t know.

We have also developed a highly successful system that integrates regular reading assignments (articles, essays, and stories) with related vocabulary and quizzes. This approach helps acclimate students to the voluminous reading lists and written test essays that await them in college.