Is the June SAT test really easier?

This is a big one lately. Evidently, kids and their parents have heard this rumor from friends and even guidance counselors… so everyone’s all charged up for the June 1st SAT test.

Um, not so fast.

Yes: the June 2018 test was easier than most other official SAT tests. Kids left feeling pretty good about themselves that day. Unfortunately, though, all SAT’s are graded on a curve, so if everyone does well, that means that the average score skews lower. Thus, when everyone got their scores back, there were a lot of disappointed and angry kids out there.

So, should you not take the June test? Not at all. My guess is that, this year, the SAT folks won’t let that happen again. What I am saying is this: don’t go in to the June 1st SAT expecting it to be super easy. Just treat it like a normal SAT test and you won’t be shocked when it’s not a piece of cake.

Whenever you are taking the SAT, or ACT, remember this: colleges don’t take your lowest scores, and they don’t average them. They either take your single best date, or they superscore: they combined your best section scores from different test dates. Either way, this means that you should take the test multiple times–three, at least–to allow for variation between tests dates. Sometimes the test is different… sometimes, you are different. So, the more tests you take (within reason), the better.

Got it?