Colleges, COVID-19 and the SAT & ACT

Many colleges are announcing that they will not require high school students applying next fall to submit ACT and SAT scores. This is due to students’ not being able to take the tests this spring. This isn’t all that shocking: many colleges have turned “test-optional” over the past few years.

Colleges will, however, continue to accept ACT and SAT results if students submit them. Standardized test scores are still the only objective way colleges can compare students from across the country.

Also, since the shutdown wiped out this semester’s grades and extracurricular activities (which normally count for a huge part of college admissions), solid ACT and SAT scores may count for even more next year than ever before.

Lastly, given our current financial state, merit aid will be even more important for next year’s seniors. And test scores are crucial factor in determining how that aid is assigned.