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Fall class update: Our Fall I session, prepping for the October 2 SAT, begins on Saturday August 28. Prepare will be running in-person classes at Moravian Academy, as well as a compete online course at a reduced cost. For more information, please got to:

Welcome to PREPARE, the leading source for ACT & SAT test prep in the Lehigh Valley area. College admission officers continue to be overwhelmed by a rapidly growing applicant pool, resulting in record-low acceptance rates. Now more than ever, it’s imperative that your student achieves top ACT & SAT scores to stay ahead of the competition and catch an admission officer’s attention. PREPARE has the tools and resources that Saucon Valley, Bethlehem Catholic, and Central Catholic students need to secure their spot at their first-choice university.

“Mr. Schmidt’s class has definitely helped me reach my full potential and allowed me to broaden my horizons during the college search process. My score went up over two hundred points the first time I took the SAT outside of his class, and I believe that this increase is truly a testament to the potency of his class. He teaches the material in a way that is not only memorable, but interesting and fun as well. This conglomeration of passion and hard work allows students of all types to prosper when the time comes to take the ACT or SAT. Through and through, Mr. Schmidt’s class is definitely worth it!”

Jacob Holland

Saucon Valley HS, National Merit Scholarship Finalist, Northwestern U.

“Immediately after taking the Prepare course for SAT prep, my confidence toward my upcoming SAT skyrocketed. Along with test taking strategies, the class also helped me expand my vocabulary and strengthen my writing techniques. My score went up over three hundred points thanks to the Prepare curriculum.  Mr. Schmidt uses his eclectic style to link his methods to your memory. In fact, I even use his vocabulary technique for regular vocabulary tests in school. In essence, the class is a one-of-a-kind experience that will raise your SAT score while making you smile along the way.”

Caroline Madigan

Saucon Valley HS, Carnegie Mellon U

Top-Notch ACT & SAT Test Prep in Saucon Valley, PA

But the mere mention of the ACT & SAT can kick a Saucon Valley, PA student’™s stress levels into overdrive. Having helped 6,000+ students raise their ACT & SAT since 2004, PREPARE has a refined methodology to guide students through the stressful tests and achieve unprecedented success. Regardless of skill level, Bethlehem students will soon maximize their performance and perform to the best of their abilities on test day.

Despite increased competition and low-acceptance rates for top colleges across the country, PREPARE understands how to help students reach the apex of scholastic success. Right from the start, our exceptional teachers will pinpoint and chart your student’s progress through a warm and inviting classroom setting.

Prepare to Experience The Premier ACT & SAT Test Prep in Saucon Valley, PA

When Saucon Valley, Bethlehem Catholic, and Central Catholic students come together in a classroom, they form a learning community that builds off one another, helping other students transform weaknesses into new strengths. This collaborative approach will help your student master strategies for tackling every type of exam question while preparing them for real-life test conditions. Moreover, PREPARE inspires students to reach full potential through test strategies, time management skills, and proprietary study materials.

Whether students need help studying for the SAT or ACT, PREPARE is ready to help! We’ve helped students from Saucon Valley, Bethlehem Catholic, Central Catholic and other nearby schools achieve their dreams. We can help make your student’s dreams a reality, too! Your student is only one call away from reaching his or her target ACT & SAT scores! Call 610-730-4876 to join the ranks of other satisfied, college-bound students.


2250 W Union St. Allentown, PA 18104
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PREPARE SAT & ACT Course Classroom Sites

Moravian Academy
4313 Green Pond Rd,
Bethlehem, PA 18020

Muhlenberg College
2400 W Chew St
Allentown, PA 18104

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