In-person SAT prep and ACT prep in Allentown, PA


Expert ACT prep & SAT prep in Allentown, PA

The college application process can be one of the most stressful times in a high school student’s life, especially when prepping for the impending SAT and ACT. Earning high scores on these college entrances exams may come naturally to some students, but others struggle to do well despite receiving superb grades in school. Beating the SAT and ACT is the quintessential opportunity for students to stand out from scores of other applications. As such, high school students living in Allentown, PA depend on SAT and ACT test prep that can energize them to earn better scores.

With help from PREPARE, the leading SAT and ACT test prep in the Lehigh Valley, students from Parkland, Central Catholic, Moravian Academy and other nearby schools will come equipped with the essential skills to conquer the SAT and ACT.

Some Testimonials…

“A very well organized and motivating program. I highly recommend it.”

~Megan Brislin, mother of Braden Brislin, Central Catholic HS

“It is very apparent that Pete deeply cares about the outcomes of his students, and we are grateful for his commitment to help our son increase his SAT score almost 200 points from the PSAT. We feel that Pete’s class is essential for any student looking to improve upon his or her SAT test scores, which are critical to ensuring that a child maximizes the options available to them when selecting colleges. Thank you, Pete!”

~Ted Eichenlaub, father of Evan Eichenlaub, Moravian Academy

“Mr. Schmidt’s method of teaching was extremely helpful for the SAT. His tips and tricks to complete the SAT helped me work smarter and helped me achieve my full potential. After taking his class, I can say it was well worth the money and because of it I was able boost my SAT score by over 200 points. He is dedicated to his students and truly invested in helping us, I also especially loved his refresher classes that helped me stay on top of learning and keep my knowledge up to date. His method of teaching has also helped me with other standardized tests such as the Keystones and AP tests!”

~Aditi Maheshwari, Parkland HS and Shreyer Honors College, Penn State

PREPARE’S Comprehensive Approach to SAT prep in Allentown, PA

PREPARE can help high school students living in Allentown overcome mental roadblocks that prevent the skills they need to perform well on test day. Luckily, PREPARE has a proven solution to help Allentown-based students break free from these obstacles and transform into better test-takers. PREPARE’s targeted approach doesn’t require magic or a miracle, just hard work.

Some students thrive in the school, but that doesn’t always translate into success on standardized tests. In many cases, Parkland, Central Catholic, and Moravian Academy students need assistance to discover an effective approach to conquering the SAT and ACT. Let PREPARE cultivate, bolster, and fortify your student’s toolbox of skills that will lead them to boosted SAT and ACT test scores.

Enroll in Top-Quality SAT prep and ACT prep in Allentown

Strong, effective test-taking skills are crucial to success on the SAT and ACT, but students rarely learn how to maximize their native talent on those tests. Let PREPARE show you how.

Over the years, PREPARE has helped thousands of students from Parkland, Central Catholic, Moravian Academy and surrounding schools take charge and earn higher SAT and ACT scores. Success is one phone call away. Call 610-730-4876 today to learn how you can  earn scores that will impress college admission councilors from the nation’s top colleges.


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