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One Free Hour of LSAT Prep

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You’ve never heard of Prepare before, right? So, why would you trust us? Well, you don’t really have to. Just take advantage of our special offer—extended through the end of Januaryto try one hour of LSAT prep for free. We’re confident that you’ll think our tutors are as awesome as we do.

Just in case you’re interested, though: Prepare has helped thousands of high school students dramatically increase their standardized test scores. How? Well, we know what skills and strategies are necessary to master these tests—and we know how explain these to our students so they can crush the tests, too.

There’s no mystery to LSAT prep, either.

Everyone uses the same study base. LSAC, the people who write the LSAT, maintain a vast library of official tests for you to practice on and learn from. Once you’ve got your hands on that database, though… what next? You can practice entirely on your own… or you can supplement your work with expert assistance. The automated question bank of a Kaplan or Princeton Review can only help you so much; most of us need assistance from real humans. PREPARE has conducted an exhaustive search for the best tutors, professionals who have mastered every section of the LSAT (Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning-Logic Games, Reading Comprehension, and the Writing Sample) and can pass along those tips and strategies to you, too.

Your LSAT Prep Options

(prices valid through December 31st)

Pay as you go: $130 per hour

5 hours, prepaid: $600 ($120 per hour)

10 hours, prepaid: $1100 ($110 per hour)

To enroll in one of these options—or to get your free hour of tutoring—just…