Are online test prep classes a good idea during the coronavirus?


Given their experience over the month, most kids may not be too jazzed about adding another online class to their workload. Why not? Well, from talking to many of my students and their parents, it sounds like the problem has more to do with the medium than the message: schools simply haven’t set up to transition to online classes. This isn’t their fault; who could have foreseen this situation?

On the other hand, I have had no problem utilizing Zoom to teach my Spring I class. I don’t have to deal with the bureaucratic red tape that normal teachers do. Plus, I am strongly motivated to keep my students engaged because my livelihood depends on it. I don’t just post assignments on-line and get back to the kids at the end of the week, nor do I leave students to teach themselves. No, sir. If anything, my class has been more efficient over the past month. My Spring I session kids have had many hours of quality classroom time online with me–no goofing off or chatting with friends during class–and are strongly encouraged to send their homework to me between classes for detailed feedback. Indeed, I plan to retain this aspect of the class when I return to a physical classroom.